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Armour x Local : 10denza
Madeline Montoya

First Impressions: My first visit to St Louis was during the fall before attending Washington University. Before then, I had never heard of anything in St Louis, and had the common impression that St Louis, being a medium sized city in the Midwest, did'nt have a lot to offer in the style department. However, Immediately I could see that my perception of STL style was wrong. I stumbled into 10denza while exploring the Central West End post Wash U tour. The stores layout is trendy and aware, retail curated in an aesthetically pleasing display.

A Closer Look: The boutique was easy to navigate wiht a winding path through the respective sections dedicated to clothing, jewelry,books, and accessories. The store boasts an imoressive diversity. In the small space the boutique manages to showcase everything from high caliber outerwear to edgy graphic tees to preppy salmon suit jackets.

Hidden Gems: Of note was a thick , wool, nude blush infinity scarf and a simple necklace wiht a gold chaind and blue gem, both inexpensive. However, for those with a more luxurious taste, 10denza also offers high-end desighners (thnk Prada sunglasses my mom will forever regret not snagging). Although she was heartbroken when we went back during parent's weekend and the sunglasses were nowhere to be found, we appreciated 10denza's dedication to keeping everything new and interesting. Because of this, 10denza was the best place to break my STL style virgiinity

Why it's worth it: The store has a myriad of retail and accessories that adeptly serve their purpose of intriducing anyone to drift into everything trendy and worth buying, wearing,reading,or simply just knowing about. From the newest men's neckwear to Fjallraven Kanken backpacks, store founder Chris Lanter reveals just how trendy STL can really be. As 10denza is Italian for drifting or trending, I encourage you all to drift into Lanter's masterpiece and see where STL style can take you.




Alive Magazine June 2015 Best Shopping in the City- 2015
Sarah Stallman
STL's stylish set has been flocking to 10denza since its opening in 2011,and it's easy to see why:Its selection of merchandise includes a roster of brands that aren't your average fare,from Moods of Norway to LNA. The locally owned store is also known for it's offering of pop culture extras like techie accessories and books,and its posh interior has to be one of our favorites in town.